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torsdag 10 februari 2011

No More Guitar Heroes

Last night it happened. Activision announced that they won't be doing any more Guitar Hero games. I can't say that I didn't see it coming though. Both Guitar Hero 6 and Rock Band 3 sold really poorly and the genre is going down. Rock Band 3 was the ultimate rock simulator, nothing can be done anymore. Still, the games are still great fun to play but there are no reason to keep putting out new games anymore.

"The music genre is dead". No, I would not say that, Guitar Hero is dead, but we need a revolution, like the first Guitar Hero did with the genre when it was released, for the genre to move forward. The concept is old but the genre will live on. I don't cry over it's demise, I salute it for its innovation, I honour it for all the good times, but only pain would have come, would it have lived longer. Of rock you were and of rock you shall return.

R.I.P Guitar Hero

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