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måndag 5 december 2011

The top 100 games of all time 20-11

Second to last time I'll do this list, next time you'll know what game I hold as the best game of all time.

Super Meat Boy (Team Meat, Xbox 360, 2010)
Indie games is somewhat of a new phenomenon. For me, it was the discovery of games with heart. Not to say that other games don't have heart, but indie games shows heart for old games. Super Meat Boy was fun and full of winks to the old school type of gaming, and not to forget the two absolute biggest reasons why it's actually one of the 20 best games ever, it's cute and humours, and it's insanely hard. I have never been so mad at a game in my life. My Xbox controller thanks me for having patience and composure. But even I have to admit that I was close to throwing it very far. Super Meat Boy is a challenge and I loved it ultimately, but I hated it so much more during my plays.

Portal (Valve Corporation, Xbox 360, 2007)
Still alive, GlaDOS and the cake is a lie, how can you not love portal? I know I did, the fun puzzle game that *tinySpoilers* took a turn for the serious. I realize more and more that with an awesome story, you can get away with a lot in my opinion. The gameplay in Portal was great, at its best, never below good/okay. But it's the story and the characters that play a big part in why Portal is such an amazing game. You who have played it know what I mean. You who haven't, you should. There will be cake...

Super Mario World (Nintendo EAD, Super Nintendo, 1990)
I respect that I can spend at least a hundred hour on, but also clear in 20 minutes. That's Super Mario World. There is something amazing about Mario, in that he has no bad main games. I mean, Super Mario Sunshine was said to be a "disappointment" but let's face it, it was a great game. And Super Mario Word is certainly no exception. Pure Super Mario Magic all the way through, and with the added companion of Yoshi, the game explored new territories. Mr Miyamoto had done it again.

VVVVVV (Terry Cavanagh, PC, 2010)
Newold, that's what you could call Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV. With it's Commodore 64 graphics and sound, it is such a special experience, just for that. But It doesn't stop there. The innovative platform gameplay makes for one of the weirdest twists in the history of the genre; you can't jump. What you can do is shift the gravity to place in upside down in the ceiling. It's fun, it's really fun, and the retro soundtrack is the best soundtrack a game have had since Nobuo Uematsu's or Koji Kondo's golden days. Ad to that a quite interesting story with a few twist, and one of the best games of the new millennia is spelled with six same letters.

Resident Evil 4 (Studio 4, GameCube, 2005)
Resident Evil 4 revolutionized everything we knew about the action/horror genre. Granted, it was not always that scary, although it did scare me at times and it's definitely scarier than the fifth game. The game was just a cool game for a 16 year old boy to play. Leon was bad ass, and the zombies was live we have never seen them before in video games, quick and smart, and prone to grow extra knife-like heads at a headshot. Awesome and epic bosses as well. It's an important piece of gaming history, and should not be overlooked.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 (Atlus, Playstation 2, 2006)
I just loved this game when I played it. Amazing characters, amazing story and a truly amazing script was the strongest points. The gameplay style of mixing a sort of dating simulator, dungeon crawler and Pokémon for adults, was surprisingly well put together. The battle system, turnbased, was surprisingly good, but of course not without problems. And there where problems, small, and I was willing to put that aside and just enjoy a fantastic and adult story. This made me understand, that Japanese RPGs are far from dead, not with games like this on the market.

Seiken Densetsu 3 (Square, Super Nintendo, 1995)
The game that never existed. Well, not outside Japan as other than fan made translations. But a fan made translation is what we got after several years, and the game was good, oh it was so good. From the beginning, you have to choose from three characters that will be the main characters of the game. The characters you don't pick, you meet, but they don't get to be part of the group. The urge to replay have never been higher that this, and it's a JRPG with a cleartime to match it. The story is amazing, the characters as well, everything was done perfectly, nothing was done bad, and 3 player co-op made for some fun times indeed. We never got Secret of Mana 2, we never got Seiken Densetsu 3, we took it!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo EAD, Super Nintendo, 1991)
I love The Legend of Zelda, I have played every The Legend of Zelda game ever created. No, I have not played the awful Philips CD-i Zelda, but I don't count them. Ever. A link to the past did everything right, and it still holds up as the best 2D game of the series, and not far from best in the series. Everything is done better, the more alive world meets the great gameplay from the first game. More items, more secrets to find and after I had played this, the hold The Legend of Zelda had on me from the first two games changed to a full body-cask. I was stuck, forever.

Super Metroid (Nintendo R&D1, Super Nintendo, 1994)
Samus Aran is the coolest character ever in video games. I first encountered him in Super Smash Bros. for the N64. I picked him and learned his every move as I pummelled my friend into submission. I burst out "Wow, he's awesome" to where my friend said "Ehm, it's a girl". It's a girl. Meh, who cares, she's awesome and bad ass! I thereafter referred to her as 'The girl Duke Nukem never got". Super Metroid takes the side scrolling shooter and brings it to a whole new depth. Exploring and finding items. What fascinates me the most is not the amazing gameplay, the collecting of items or multiple ending, no I loved Samus Aran, and the world she was part of. Samus, forever in my heart, never quit kicking ass. And never let Team Ninja Handle you again.

Chrono Trigger (Square, Super Nintendo, 1995)
Wait, a Japanese Role-Playing Game that does not have random encounters? Only that would convince me to put this game in the list, when it comes from the time it does. But everything else you expect from a Super Nintendo era JRPG is done to perfection, characters, story, battle and time travel(!). And more. Chrono Trigger is one of Super Nintendo's finest games, not to be missed by anyone. It has multiple endings and even a main character that tends to more or less shut up throughout the whole game. I love it, always have, always will.

The last ten will be up between Christmas and New Years.