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tisdag 20 mars 2012

Catherine - thoughts

So I bought and played Catherine a while back and frankly, I love it about as much as I hoped that I would. For you who don't know what the game is about it's the story of Vincent and his girlfriend Katherine who are starting to get serious, but Vincent feels the pressure of growing up and feel them moving too fast. One way to drunk night and he ends up in bed with the beautiful and easy going Catherine. At the same time he starts getting weird nightmares where he moves blocks to climb up and escape whatever's hunting him. This is the part of the games that you actually play, the rest of the game is interacting with friends and dealing with the fact that you just cheated on your girlfriend. The story and script is done perfectly, and the moral dilemmas of cheating is done so good it's really scary at times.

The problem is two, and is quite common when it come to Atlus' games. One is the fact that the game, even on normal, is really hard. Too hard actually, there is a stage I can't get through, and it's frustrating. But still, when you do get through a stage you feel you've spent hours on, it's rewarding.

But the big problem, as usual, it that the game itself is not that fun, or at least not as fun as the things you do when you're not in the nightmare stages. And when those stages are as difficult as they are, it becomes a real problem. I'll hope to finish it as soon as I can, but at the time, I just don't have the drive. Maybe after I'm done with Mass Effect 3. But I still love this game, and I highly recommend if for anyone who want a more grown up game, just, play it on easy if you don't like to get frustrated.

måndag 19 mars 2012

Metal Gear Solid 4 - First Impressions

I started playing MGS4 today, not a lot, but about an hour I think, at least. And yes, I know I'm behind and that the game was released a long time ago, but I just haven't gotten to play it. Anyhow, what I can say for certain is threefold...

First, Snake is still awesome, he looks great and acts just as great as he has always done. The other characters are great as well, but I have always loved snake, he is truly a real bad ass.

Second, the story, the script and the actors all impresses me so far. It's been a while since I played Snake Eater but I get the hang of the story quite fast so. And as I said, the script and dialogue is well written and the voice actors does a great job as well.

Lastly, I can with all my heart tell you all, I'm getting too old for this shit! Or at least too impatience. I just can't seem to keep my nerve long enough to actually progress, I just get spotted right away. I turned the game of in annoyance and have no plans of trying it again for a while. But then again, I find myself going over the scenario over and over again, I need to get past, I want to know more, I want to be bad ass old Solid Snake.

söndag 18 mars 2012

New blogform + Naruto Utimate Ninja Storm 2 thoughts

Okay, I'm going to start to blog more often but shorter, more thought on recent news and thought on games I'm currently playing. Nothing planed, just me writing as I feel, when I feel for it, about games. This does not mean that I will stop writing longer articles, reviews or analysis, rather that I will put in some smaller bit in between. So there, that's what I've been up to.

I've been playing Naruto: Ultimate Ninjastorm 2, and yeah, it's a good game, it has a 'I need to do all the quests'-pull, that makes you want to do everything. This is both go
od and bad. I spent 30 hours in the main story, doing everything that can be made. But it wasn't always fun, you just spend most of the game running around doing errands to people. It gets boring quite fast, but if you're like me, you'll do it anyway. I have to say straight up, this is probably not a game to be played by people that haven't seen the show. For those who have, it's fun to see all the characters again and watch them battle.

Okay, now I've said a lot of bad stuff about the game, but what's good then? Well, the main thing is, the battles. Every battle is fun, and the last battles are really challenging. But it's the boss battles that really shines. To describe them as epic is the understatement of the century, I love them. If you're a fan of Naruto, I'll definitely say check it out.