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tisdag 10 april 2012

New DmC trailer analysis

Hey, new DmC trailer is out, check it out!

First of, let's look at the bad parts, because there are a few. Firstly, I'm not too fond of the settings, still it's a question of taste, but it takes away the Gothic style that I think Devil may Cry needs. Still, I have seen settings in the game that are more towards the epic and Gothic, and the other settings I'll probably grow to like them.

Second, even though the gameplay looks as good and smooth as ever, I can't help but think that it's the same thing as the other games. I hope that Ninja Theory does some new things to improve it.

Yeah, I'm a lover, not a hater, so that's it for me when it comes to bad things. I still love the look of the new Dante and feel of the game. The voice acting is at it's best, and the dialogue is, as usual with Ninja Theory, really great. In all, I'm looking forward to this game more than anything left in 2012, this is going to be awesome.

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  1. My problem with this game is that DMC has always been about the amazing and fluid combat system that allowed you to be really creative with how you fought and created combos. Ninja Theory on the other hand have consistently shown that they are incapable of creating a decent combat system for their games. As much as I enjoyed Enslaved the combat was terrible and it wasn't the under rated classic that people made out, it got fair reviews. I think the writing as well is way overrated, they can get good talent but really it's nothing special and DMC looks like a step backwards, the 'dark' setting seems very immature.

    Everything I've seen so far looks like classic Ninja Theory rubbish combat. Locking the frame rate at 30 FPS means it's going to feel sluggish. Also it might look fancy but every single one of those combos you see are obviously canned combos, once you enter one all you cna do is finish it or exit the combo, there's no room to add your own flair and creativity to the combat.

    I feel this game will end up as another Ninja Gaiden 3, going casual will alienate the fans of the game while the still not appealing to a newer audience. I really do not see who they are trying to market this game to and can see it bombing hard like Ninja Gaiden 3. I might be pleasantly surprised but at this stage I very much doubt it.

    1. I agree in that Ninja Theory probably haven't had the best reputation in making great combat systems, but as I have heard, they have a LOT of help from Capcom on that part. But I agree, the combat-part is the thing I am most worried about, but from what I have heard from magazines that have tried it, it's actually pretty great. As for the writing, I don't agree with you, but maybe it's a thing of taste, maybe you're right, but it's the voice actors that brings it to life that Ninja Theory does great so.

      The decision to make the game 30 FPS probably doesn't at all mean that it's going to feel sluggish, but only that it will look a little different. I mean, the previous DMC games have been done at 30 FPS as well. Also, less FPS means that they can use the extra time in polishing and making the game as good as they can. As for the "canned combos" I don't see why they would decide to make the combat system worse than the previous games, maybe to "unhardcore" it a bit. I really hope not though, that worries me.

      I love the series, and maybe it's just the fanboy in me that keeps hoping an thinking that it will be a good game, or maybe I'm just tired of all the hatred it gets. But I hope I'm right, but I get your worries...

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