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tisdag 22 mars 2011

Review - Final Fantasy VII

All that should be said is said. This game is probably the most celebrated game of all time, obviously with every right to be so. I mean, it's not for nothing that they choose this particular part of the series to make a number of sequels and movies on. But somehow it will never be as magical as the original.

An example of how big it is is when I talked about this, one of my favourite games with a friend. She had not heard of the game, and I was not surprised. But I got her to watch the tech demo for the PS3 after having lured her with the wonderful story. Her reaction was: 'was that
Cloud at the end? " The fact that she not only knew the characters, but also could name him was to me a testament to how great the game is.

Final Fantasy VII is also the first (and one of the only) time I cried at a video game. Without revealing anything, I think most people know which scene I mean. There are many emotional scenes in the game and when you are finished, you're attached to our many, if not all, of the characters. And not to mention the final battle, a deformed version of your arch-enemy throwing, among other tings
, an entire solar system for you, all to the tunes of "A One Winged Angel".

I'm not going to babble about how great the battle system is or how well balanced the game moments is or how wonderful all the side missions are or how awesome the music is composed, but just mention that it is. Play it and discover it yourselves. If you like JRPG, you've probably already played it. If not, I think you're lying. In any case, this is an experience that no one should miss.

Should I say anything negative to the game? I do not know if I want or can. Must say that compared to much is being done today is the battle system is extremely outdated. But it's the same as the Blue Dragons combat system, and it was released ten years later. I played through the game again now for a couple weeks ago. I didn't care so much to play it again after I had finished. I will probably do it anyway sooner or later. For how much I twist and turn, it is without hesitation my favourite ga
me, and I'm probably right in saying that a number of millions would agree with me.

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