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söndag 3 april 2011

Duke Nukem is a chauvinistic pig

Duke Nukem is a chauvinistic pig and a bad example for our kids. The way he treats women are really early 50's and degrading to women everywhere. He makes sexist jokes and uses crude one-liners and language. When the game was delayed, Gearbox stated, Duke never comes early, another example of the immature humour used in the game.

The big question though is, who cares? Okay, many cares, but why though? Everything I've written is true, but why is there such a commotion about it?

First of all, it's a bad example for our kids. Not that a kid should play the game, it is actually rated as a game where you should be at least 18 to play it. So if your kids gets weird ideas from this, it's your fault for letting them play it.

The game itself is selfawaringly parodic. No sane man playing this game will take it seriously. It's not a serious game. When he sees a triple-breasted huge beast he says, "Hell, I'd still hit it". It's hilarious, because what man says that? Only Duke.

The thing about the critics of the game is that I don't see where their priorities are. Since then did sex become worse that blowing someone’s head up. It's the "Hot Coffee"-incident all over again. For you who doesn't know, Hot Coffee was a minigame in GTA:San Andreas where you have sex with your girlfriend. In a game where you can run over and blow the head of innocent people, you focus on pre-marital, meaningless sex. The game, again, is made for people of 18 year of age and above. I, myself, believe that meaningless sex is stupid, but I believe that killing someone is quite worse. Since when is it worse to degrade women that to kill?

Don't take Duke Nukem seriously, you're not meant to. He's a parody of all the men who actually think like this. There is so much self irony in the game. Duke Nukem is a chauvinistic pig, and we love it. Hail to the King, baby.

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