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tisdag 7 juni 2011

Nintendo's E3 Press Conference

Then finally, the moment we had been waiting for, came. Nintendo were to show Café. Every muscle in my body where cramping up with excitement. This was going to be the most awesome press conference ever.

Shigeru Miyamoto gets up on the stage, to start the show by talking about The Legend of Zel
da, as it celebrates 25 years this year. Among the Zelda announcements where Links awakening and Four Swords Adventures to the DSi, and that's about it. He talk about how Ocarina of time 3d comes out soon and Skyward sword will be released in time for Christmas.

Then, the 3D started. Five Nintendo-games were shown for the platform 3DS. First up was Mario Kart. It looks like a Mario Kart-game, so it should be good fun. And if it's anything like Mario Kart usually is on the handheld consoles, this should be really good. With online multiplayer, this could be really great actually, looking forward to seeing it when it's released.

Second up was yet another Nintendo 64 conversion with some extra stuff, like online multiplayer: Starfox 64 3D. This is something of a war
ning sign for me. The game is great, as it was then it first was released, but I just hope that Nintendo won't put too much effort into just renovating Nintendo 64 games and releasing them in 3D.

Next up was Super Mario 3D. It's a brand new Super Mario game, drawing a lot of its inspiration from Super Mario Bros. 3. This really tickles my nostalgia sense. Somehow it fits perfectly in the trend called new-retro. Just as New Super Mario Bros. was inspired by the first games, or rather the whole 2D era of Super Mario. Just looking at it gives me some type of sense that this will be a great game.

Then they showed another new trailer and gameplay footage for Kid Icarus: Uprising. A couple of new features where shown, like, again, multiplayer. This it probably one of the few games that compels me to buy a 3DS. A lot of the games shown are games that I would by if I actually had a 3DS, but this one actually makes me want to buy one. As long as they succeed with the gameplay, this is a game that will make 3DS even more attractive.

The fifth and final Nintendo-game shown for the 3DS was Luigi’s Mansion 2. Haven't played the first one, but I think it looks a little like a Nintendo version of Ghostbusters. The atmosphere is great, but I'm not sure how fun it actually looks. Looks kind of repetitive. But who knows, I, for one, likes Luigi so let us hope that this is a great game after all

Next up was a video of some third party games to look forward to, like A couple of Resident Evil-games and a conversion of what I consider to be a real indie-pearl; Cave Story. If you haven't played it, get it now!

Nintendo ended their 3DS section by presenting Pokedex 3D. It looks really stupid, could be a cool idea, but the fact that it only contains the 150 new Pokémons of Black/White makes it less interesting.

Then it happened. Nintendo showed us, for the first time, their new stationary console. It is called... Wii U... WHAT THE?!! Wii U?! Seriously? Why couldn't they have gone with Stream, like it was rumoured? Or Café, even that sounds better then Wii U. I hated the name Wii, but I learned to live with it. Wii U sounds retarded. Wii U sounds like an upgrade, rather than a completely new console. Let us hope that I'm wrong by saying that.

I, as many others it may seem, thought that it was only a new controller. I got really scared. When I understood that it in fact was an entire console, I calmed a little. The Console, with the new controller as the new revolutionary thing about it, was still a big let down. The controller looks great, with things like camera, microphone, gyro, dual analogue sticks and a big touch pad. The fact that it actually looks more like a controller make me happy, and it would seem that it makes the third party developers happy as well. You can play, due to the screen on the controller, on the controller if the TV is occupied. The only thing I'm concerned about when it comes to the controller is the size of it, it doesn't look that comfortable to hold, plus that the analogue sticks looks tedious to get to.

Other things revealed about the console itself were things like HD-graphics (yay) and that's about it. No specifications were made, no price, no nothing. The trailers shown for the various games weren't even shown on the Wii U, but on a PS3. The only thing that we actually got to see from a Nintendo-view was a graphic demo of The Legend of Zelda, although that looked amazing. Let's hope it will come to the console later on.

After a small announcement that it might be a Super Smash Bros.-game on the platform, a trailer was shown, showing the games being released on Wii U by third party developers. Among them, Darksiders II (Looks really cool), Tekken, (For the first time on a Nintendo console!), Batman Arkam City (Got by far the biggest response from the audience, and sounds great to me), Assassins Creed (figures, but good game) and Ninja Gaiden 3.

And that's it. No Nintendo-games at all. This was so disappointing, that I left the Nintendo E3 press conference with a big disappointment. But then I started to think. This was actually great. Nintendo-games will come, of course they will. But the fact that Nintendo now has the support of this many third party developers is amazing. And the fact that many of the games are games that focuses on a mature audience is a big step in narrowing the gap between Nintendo and the hardcore-players they lost with Wii. But too much is still a question mark. Maybe it's because the hype was way up in the skies, that we felt that this was a failure. Or the fact that it was announced to be two hours long but only lasted 45 minutes. Hm, here's a thought, maybe Nintendo decided to skip a big part of the show. Maybe they're hiding something. Let's hope we get to enjoy more of Wii U (worst name ever) during E3. And to be honest, Nintendo's E3 conference was still better than Microsoft and Sony’s conferences, just not as much better than I thought.

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