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tisdag 7 juni 2011

Sony's E3 Press Conference

After about fifteen minutes of delays, Sony's press conference gets going with a really long and quite boring video of games. Then the parade of games shown began.

First up was Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. To compare it to Tomb Raider shown on Microsoft’s press conference isn't wrong but
when I do, I see how much better Uncharted looks. Anything left in me wanting to buy Tomb Raider just went up and left to pre-order Uncharted 3. Great action, great platform jumping, great game. If you haven't played the series before, now is a good time to start.

Next they showed Resistance 3. I continue to wonder how this game does well with much better options, like Modern Warfare, Halo and Killzone out. It's not a game I will buy, maybe if you're a big FPS-fan, then it's probably going to be a good game, but for me, I'll pass.

After that, they started to talk about 3D, announcing two game series to get 3D and HD conversions. The first was the God of War-series released on the PSP, and the second one was more of a reminder, but is never the less, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The later one is one I really look forward to. The surroundings of those games, in HD, that is nothing else but awesome, truly awesome.

The second 3D announcement was a Playstation 3D and HD 24" screen. This is probably one of the smartest ideas that Sony have had in a long time. An affordable screen that isn't to big. One function mentioned, which I found interesting to find out more about is the fact that you can play split screen in 3D and making it look like it's two screens. Finally we can say good-bye to small split screen games. I just hope it is as inexpensive as they say.

After a quick showing of NBA 2K12 with a very funny Kobe Bryant, The time had come to show of some of the Move games. First up was Medieval Moves, in which you steer a skeleton to battle other skeletons in some kind of quest. It looked kind of fun, swinging a sword and shooting arrows. But, as with most if the Kinect games, this seems like it's made for kids.

Some other games with support for move were shown, like Infamous 2, being released tomorrow and other games. Again, it seems like some kind of a gimmick, more than i tool for better gaming, most of the time anyway, and it really is a pity. Let's hope more developers learn to use it right.

After a cool trailer for Starhawk, which looked really cool, and for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which didn't seem to have changed since the last game, we were presented with Dust 514. It's the g
reat idea of combining the already popular eve online, with an FPS. The FPS will take place parallel with Eve, and you are going to be able to link the games together. It sounds like a really great idea, and I just hope that it's well executed.

Then we get to the highlight of Sonys conference, according to me. Bioshock: Infinite. The trailer shown took my breath away and made me shiver. I didn't have that much of a drive to buy the game before, but this was great. The characters, the atmosphere, oh the atmosphere! This will be amazing. Ted Levine also quickly announced that they are working on a Bioshock to the Next Generation Playstation.

Next they showed a Star Trek-game, that looked like it could work, but it also looked like a Mass Effect copy. This could go either way, but I don't think the Star Trek universe is as great as it was when it started. This was followed by talking about SSX, Need For Speed: The Run and Battlefield 3, all previously shown on EA's press conference, all looking great for people who are fans of the series or the genre.

The next announcement I thought was very interesting. Playstation Suite is a service that lets you download Playstation games to your android or tablet. It sound a little like what Nintendo is rumoured to do with Café. Therefore, this is the closest thing to a respond that the E3 press conferences have come up with. I am waiting eagerly to see what is to come on this front.

Then the big finally came, the announcement of NGP true name, Playstation Vita. With gyro, touch both back and front and compatibility to PS3, this looks kind of cool. Some of the titles included Uncharted, Little Big Planet and Modracers nation. I think i spotted something similar to Onimusha, but I'm not sure.

A game that takes advantage of the compatibility to Ps3 was the hack'n'slash RPG Ruin. In it you could save you game, plug it into your PS3 and pick it up where you left off. It is actually kind of cool, but I'm not sure if any of these games are enough to push the 3DS of the throne.

The last game to be shown was the PSvita-version of Street Fighter X Tekken. For fans of the series, or for fans of fighting games, or for anyone who have ever played any of the games, this is great. Kazuya versus Ken. Hadouken!

Sony left me quite disappointed, not like with Microsoft, but because there were so many games missing. I wanted to hear from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Versus, The Last Guardian, Arkham City. I wanted them to announce some big game, like Kingdom Hearts III. And where were God of War IV? Sorry Sony, this was kind of bad as well.

What puzzles me is, when the knew quite some time ahead that Nintendo was going to announce a brand new console, why didn't they try to match it. It's like they just gave up. One huge game announcement and showing one portable console that we have known for quite some time that it existed, is not going to top Nintendo going all Revolution on E3. No I wanted to see life signs of the new Xbox, I wanted tons of game announcements. It seems like this year belongs to Nintendo as well.

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