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söndag 8 januari 2012

2011, a look back...

Before reading on, you should read my first blog, "2011 I long the most for...", for I will use it as s reference of my anticipation and what I got in 2011.

So, another year have gone and passed. 2011 where in many ways a great year, game wise. But what did it do for me, what games did I play and which of them is the game of the year? Let's start with my expectations. The first thing I mentioned last year was the "year of the threes" as many trilogies were to end this year. Sadly, of the three threes I looked forward to the most, I never got around to playing Gears of War 3 and never saw the sight of Mass Effect 3 or Diablo 3. May be I put my hopes on that people in the business will be keeping their deadlines. Yeah, no.

The next game I talked about wanting to play was L.A. Noir. Yeah, never got around to playing that either... I don't know why, maybe the controversy surrounding Team Bondi put me off. Maybe not, but play it, I did not.

I was to buy a Wii or A PS3 this year, the main reasons being The Last Guardian and Skyward Sword. Never got a Wii, so never played Skyward Sword, I did get me a PS3 in april though, but The Last Guardian where nowhere to be seen so that's great... not.

And then we come to what I believed to be the best and greatest game of this year, Catherine! I never released in Europe and I couldn't import it for the Xbox. So guess the most anticipated game of 2012!

P.S. And I never got to see the new awesome DMC that everyone hates!

So what games did I play that where released in 2011? Some actually, and here's what I thought of them.

Little Big Planet 2
Yeah, this is my dream, I get to do my own games. And I was very satisfied actually. I did make a lot of games, and the story didn't bore me either. The game editor is done very well and you really can make almost any game you wish. If you put enough time on it. I had a lot of fun with it in any case.

The big surprise of the year, Bastion delivers a solid dungeon-crawling hack 'n' slash in the absence of Diablo 3. Basic story with a moral depth, just the way I love it. The characters are great and the storyteller sets the mood to RPG-night with your friends. A really great game.

Batman: Arkham City
If you have never encountered Batman before, this is a good place to start. If you have, it will be a great reunion. If you, like me, love Batman and the world he lives in, this is a goldmine. With awesome gameplay and an ever better story, Arkham City is great.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Yes, I know, everyone loves it, and who can blame them, this is a huge game. When I decided to start and play through all the games I haven't played through yet, that I have at home, I decided to start with Skyrim... Bad move... after barely 20 hours I lend it out to my friend, to be able to focus on the other games I had. I eagerly await it's return.

Shadow of the Damned
I have only one thing to say, this is the ultimate answer from the video games to a B-film. The story is so bad, it's awesome. The gameplay is great as well. But when a film only lasts 2 hours max, you have to endure Mr Way-too-Mexican and his big boner the whole game. Luckily, it's not a bad game.

The Game of the Year is:
Batman: Arkham City

But what about everything else that has happened in 2011? Oh come on, read my blog, it's right here, I have covered everything I think was important. If you want me to write about something, just leave a comment and I'll address it. So from me to you all, Happy new year. And game on.

List of games released in 2011 I have to play in 2012:
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Gears of War 3
L.A. Noir
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Portal 2
Rayman: Origins
Xenoblades: Chronicles
Pokémon Black/White

3 kommentarer:

  1. You NEED to play Dark Souls :)

  2. All great titles you listed - I've just picked up Batman so hoping to spend a bit more time with it as well. Seeing the comment above? I too need to pick up Dark Souls at some point I think.


  3. Dark Souls, still haven't gotten around to play through Demon Souls yet, so it's not really a priority, for a man who earns little money and also have this urge to purchase a Wii U when they release it. But who knows, I might get an urge to play it throughout the year...