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söndag 8 januari 2012

The top 100 games of all time 10-1

Here we go, these are, according to me, the top ten best games of all time, period.

Final Fantasy IX (Square, Playstation, 2000)
Final Fantasy IX was in many ways a game made to the fans of the series, from long ago. Gone where the steam-punk worlds of the two latest games in the instalment, and back were Black Mages and epic castles. I loved IX for this reason, and for the fact that it delivers a great story and great characters as usual in a FF game, but it's done so well and with that wink to the old games with it's settings and it's sense of humour, it makes for one of the best Final Fantasy experiences to date.

Final Fantasy VI (Square, Super Nintendo, 1994)
Final Fantasy VI was the bridge between the world that IX tried to be like, and the world that Final Fantasy VII and VIII later were. A mix between steam-punk and epic castles. And what a game we got. It dived into hard questions like revenge and forgiveness, sacrifice, love, free will and a lot of other really adult questions. And it had Kefka, the most awesome villain in any Final Fantasy, the series answer to the Joker, and what an answer then. Another great story to add th the Final Fantasy universes, when the series where about to reach it's absolute peak.

Mass Effect 2 (BioWare, Xbox 360, 2010)
"It darkens. My friends are down. I'm stuck behind a small cover with the enemy coming from both sides. They get closer. We've been filling the huge metal humanoid with the clips from our guns. I'm almost out of ammo. I can't take him down with what I have, not before they kill me off at least. I have one chance, I realize, as the enemy comes up on my platform. The Weapon. I muster up the courage I have left. Time seems to stand still as I get out from cover and charge up the weapon. The huge metal humanoid looks me in the eyes, as I take aim on his. Shots are fired. I ignore them. The weapon goes of and hits its target. An explosion, large as a small nuclear explosion, erupts in the eye and the huge robot goes down, killed by mini-nuke in the eye. I sigh, but it's not over yet, I still have to get out of here." - An accurate description of my battle with the last boss in Mass Effect 2 on Insane.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Konami CET, Playstation, 1997)
It's Super Metriod with RPG segments and the son of Dracula in the lead. Yeah, it's about as awesome as it sounds. The atmosphere in this is just amazing, the cool settings, the creepy enemies and, not to forget, one of the best soundtrack in a game ever. Alucard is really cool and though the voice acting might be of the worst, you care very, very, very little of it. Symphony of the Night might be somewhat of a lost pearl, but if you get the chance, play it, buy it on Xbox Live, you will not be sorry.

Super Mario 64 (Nintendo EAD, Nintendo 64, 1996)
Nintendo and Mr Miyamoto hit everything perfectly. Sure, the camera might not be up to speed with many of the games today, but Mario's movements, the stage designs, the music, this is and will for me always be the ultimate platformer. There it really no other way to describe it, it's full of things to do, and you will not release the controller until you have every secret star, all 120 of them, and gets shot onto the roof for a reunion.

Shadow of the Colossus (Team Ico, Playstation 2, 2005)
Team Ico is the misunderstood artist of the gaming world that are unpopular but in a hundred years I believe that they will be hailed like Picasso or Shakespeare. I was expecting a really good game the first time I sat down to play their Shadow of the Colossus, but what I got was so much more than just a great game. It was art, in it's truest form. Like a painting, it's beautiful to behold. Like a play, is has strong characters. Like a literal masterpiece, it's gripping. Like a fairy tale, it has a basic but moving story. The game itself is twelve bosses, and the road to them. It's amazing how much feeling they get by so little. Almost no music, but there is no need for it. Shadow of the Colossus blew my mind, as I am sure it will yours.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo EAD, Nintendo 64, 1998)
The leap from 2D to 3D did wonders on the two most loved of Nintendo's franchises, Mario, and Zelda. Ocarina of Time is perfect in so many ways. I mean, there is a reason why every Zelda game after this only made slight changes to try and look as much as Ocarina of Time as possible. It's an all around great game, and there's no doubt about that. There's drama, action, puzzles, awesome gadgets and so much more to discover in the world of Hyrule. Let the Adventure of two lifetimes begin.

Metroid Prime (Retro Studios, GameCube, 2002)
How many believed that Metroid Prime would suck so bad? Most did, I never did. Metroid Prime did as many games this high on the list, and took my already high expectations, and blew them away. This is the most complete gaming experience I have ever played. I simply can't find anything wrong with this game. It does everything right, and what it does it does amazingly. A planet to explore, weapons to find, secrets to read, Space Pirates to kill. Samus Aran have never been this cool.

Final Fantasy VII (Square, Playstation, 1997)
Final Fantasy VII, what can I say that have never been said. Nothing. But I can say this, I love Final Fantasy VII, for it's engaging and gripping story, for it's memorable characters, for it's way to deal with hard questions and choices in life, for it's hugeness, there where so much to do. I love it for that scene that you know all about where I wept my eyes dry of tears. The villain, the complexety of the story, the everything. The music... I can go on all day, there is so much that is great with this game, and anyone that have not yet experienced it, shame on you, if every human in the world should play one game in their life, they should play this one.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (Atlus, Playstation 2, 2008)
I'm still not sure whether or not to place this one at number one. But Persona 4 does everything right. In a time where Final Fantasy had forsaken me, when I had grown up and JRPG didn't seem to follow, Persona 4 came like a gift from heaven. It renewed the genre with it's adult and thrilling story, clear Japanese roots and with it's mix of dungeon crawling, Pokémon and dating simulator (no need to be alarmed, it works great) it took me completely of guard and I have not yet recovered. Maybe the day will come when Final Fantasy VII comes up to take the throne again, but right now, Atlus are kings, and Persona 4 is in my opinion the best game that ever did exist.

Comment and tell me what a crappy personal list I've made ;) or discuss with me, It's fun. Next I'll take a look back on 2011 and will also look at 2012.

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