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måndag 19 mars 2012

Metal Gear Solid 4 - First Impressions

I started playing MGS4 today, not a lot, but about an hour I think, at least. And yes, I know I'm behind and that the game was released a long time ago, but I just haven't gotten to play it. Anyhow, what I can say for certain is threefold...

First, Snake is still awesome, he looks great and acts just as great as he has always done. The other characters are great as well, but I have always loved snake, he is truly a real bad ass.

Second, the story, the script and the actors all impresses me so far. It's been a while since I played Snake Eater but I get the hang of the story quite fast so. And as I said, the script and dialogue is well written and the voice actors does a great job as well.

Lastly, I can with all my heart tell you all, I'm getting too old for this shit! Or at least too impatience. I just can't seem to keep my nerve long enough to actually progress, I just get spotted right away. I turned the game of in annoyance and have no plans of trying it again for a while. But then again, I find myself going over the scenario over and over again, I need to get past, I want to know more, I want to be bad ass old Solid Snake.

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