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måndag 5 maj 2014

Zelda Playthrough diary entry #1

Okay, I finally got my hands on The Legend of Zelda for the NES, my long planed playthrough of all the games on their original consoles can begin!
I'm going to write here, every day I play, kind of like a diary, share my thoughts, what still holds up, what doesn't hold up? How has the series progressed until now, how has it evolved. I will therefore play as much as I can of the game, trying to get all the things you can get, for the ultimate Zelda-experience.
I don't currently own all game though. I am missing a Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, The Oracle of Seasons and the Minish Cap. I do have The Wind Waker, but only the HD version on the Wii U, so I will have to get that one as well. 
On top of all this, I am only doing the main Nintendo-games, meaning no CD-i, no Crossbow-training and I will not do the four swords adventure. 

In any case, I started playing The Legend of Zelda today, and had an approach to it much like Skyrim, a childish-"you can't tell me what to do" kind of thing. So after the introductory level 1, I started exploring, and realized how much I remember from playing this game over and over as a kid. Where to blow a hole, where to burn a bush. So by the time I got ro level 3 (which I did before level 2, because I couldn't find it.)
I had acquired some sweet new gear in from of a sword and a ring that somehow changes my clothes, reducing my damage. Still, the game is a but challenging at times but gets easier a my gear becomes more awesome. Not sure if that's bad yet...
I don't really mind the controller, at times I get a sore thumb from the steering cross, but it's fun to play the old NES again. 
What strikes me the most though is how fast you're able to advance. I got through the first four castles plus some exploring in about 2 hours, That's almost half the game. It strikes me as a completely different experience that the games of today, giving more of a replay value because it's just that fun. And it gives you more time for exploring.

It's no wonder that the first game became the ultra-hit it was, I get it. It holds up, it's different than the games of today, but I might get in to that more later, for now, this is me giving my two cents on this day of playing. Stay tuned, as this long series of posts (and hopefully a revival of the blog) is far from over.

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