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måndag 25 april 2011

Café anyone?

Okay, I really need to address the newly announced "Wii 2". The name given to it is Café or, as some rumours says, Stream. I'm not sure if any of theses will be the real name, if we look at the history of Nintendo consoles but I do like the sound of Stream. Café is quite awful, as was Wii, but I digress. The name is more of a way to describe the console, as the Wii once was named Revolution, to describe that the Wii was nothing more than a revolution, as it was, for the whole gaming industry, in this case, Café suggests a pleasant way of interacting with others (Better online service *fingers crossed*). It also suggests us leaving our homes for this.

I'm not sure what to make of the name Stream. It could be a way to describe the rumoured controllers where you can "stream" the games to the controller and carry it with you. This really sounds amazing, but I do have some fears for the concept. The first is that it sounds awfully expensive. I think the controllers are expensive as they are, but this really sounds a bit much. My other concern is if it is as advanced as we think. A more logic choice would be for the controller to act as a "light" version of the game, where you do things with the controller to win better stuff for the game or maybe there are things you need to do on the controller screen to advance in the real game. I think of Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, where you played on a Gameboy advance, plugged in to your Gamecube, which gave some cool opportunities gameplaywise. Still, when have Nintento ever been logical? I do trust them to make the best decisions, enough to not worry too much.

There is a rumour saying that the Café will have better hardware than both the Ps3 and The Xbox360. Frankly, it has to be, not to be outdone by Microsoft and Sony when they release The 720 and Ps4. To at all appeal to the market, they need to have both support for HD, a HDD storage device and I think it needs to loose the DVD-format. There are rumours of a Blu-ray format to the Café, if so, great, but I think that both the Ps4 and the Xbox720 will come with technology much more advanced than that. This means, once again, that Nintendos console is one generation behind. If another rumour is true, that the Café will be more appealing to the hardcore players, it needs to have an edge that the other consoles won’t.

One of the things that went wrong with the Wii was the fact that it didn't have the support of many of the third-part developers. And then they did the developers couldn't make the games as they made them to the other consoles, meaning that the Wii often got a halfassed version of the game. With the new, more classical controller, I think that developers will have an easier time doing games on the console. Let's just hope that the support is bigger.

A lot of other rumours have been spread, like the console
having a design similar to the SNES, which sounds great. Some say it's as big as the 360, which I think is a bit big, they should try making it small from the beginning, like they did with the Wii. Some rumours suggests that the Café will not have support for Wii, which may be a consequence to switching to blu-ray, but I hope that rumour is false, because there are many great games on the Wii that many players won't be able to experience.

If Nintendo actually releases the console as ear
ly as mars 2012, as they said themselves when the console was confirmed, they will have a huge advantage over Microsoft and Sony. I hope that Café is great, I hope that Nintendo learned from Wii, which still was a great console in my opinion, and created a monster console. We'll just have to wait until E3 and see what Nintendo has cooked up. Release the Kraken.

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