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måndag 11 april 2011

Review - Bayonetta

I love Devil May Cry. Not only because it's a fun game, but because of the cool characters and crazy style, without being too over the top. No, it's not! Okay, maybe some times. Anyway, when I heard that the creator of Devil May Cry would be releasing a new game in the same style I thought it would be amazing. And according to the press, Bayonetta was a great game. At that time I didn't buy it, I waited for it to go down in price. A friend of mine told me that he thought the game was ridiculous and stupid, not at all fun. I didn't believe him.

A while ago I finally bought the game. Bayonetta is a game about a witch with the same name. She lives and can move between th
e real world and some parallel universe where angels live, still being able to the humans but they can't see her. Here she hunts the angels of all sorts. The goal being to hunt some boss-angels so she can sacrifice them to the underworld? I'm not quite sure about the story, and frankly, I don't care. Bayonetta is stupid and ridiculous, the characters are bland and I really don't care for them at all, same goes for the story. My friend had been right...

Except, the game is fun. The fighting system is well balanced; the best thing is the so-called witch-time, which slow down time when you do a precise dodge. It's challenging, with good enemies and varied gameplay. This makes the game a game that you can play through and not give up on.

But the game has some problems. The camera is responsible for most of them. It moves as any other camera, using the right analogue stick, but it's slow, way to
o slow. You can't really see the enemies at all times because of this, meaning that it's not you're fault when you die, most of the time. The times it's not the cameras fault, it's the fighting system. It's great, yeah, but on some enemies you don't have time to think at all, so you're just mashing buttons and dodging hoping that you'll survive.

Why Hideki Kamiya didn't choose to walk away more from Devil May Cry also confuses me. It could just as well be a Devil May Cry spin-off. I just expect Dante to pop up at any time.

For these reasons, I don't think Bayonetta is a great game, it's a good
game though, well worth to play. But I don't play it twice. I didn't play it over and over again on all the difficulties like I did with Devil May Cry. With too many problems, this game is still good because of the fighting system. But not great.

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