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torsdag 17 januari 2013

DmC: Devil May Cry Review

Okay, I just got done playing through DmC for the first time, and I can say, it won't be the last. But I won't get ahead of myself.

Dante is a class A douche, sleeping around, drinking too much, smoking and generally not caring about what anyone else thinks, or about anyone else for that matter. Our protagonist ladies and gentlemen! After a night of all of the above, Dante is rudely woken up by a girl who claims that he is in danger. She doesn't get to say much until Dante is draged into 'Limbo' which is a paralell world where all sorts of evil demons dwell. After a lot of demon slaying in regular Devil May Cry fashion, you beat a boss and gets draged out of limbo. The girl takes you to a masked man who claims to know of your past. And the adventure begins.

As far as the story goes, its not really anything special, it's not bad, but there's really no suprises, not a lot anyway. Not that Devil May Cry has ever been about the story, but they do an okay job, it's not worse than the older games. What makes the story come alive more than in the olds though is the script, the dialouge and the voice actors. Granted, I think Ninja Theory tried a little too much to match the dialouge of the older games, not daring to be more original and creative with the script, but it still works great. At its worst, it's a bit awkward with Dantes weird love for stupid puns, but the rest, the more serious bits are really greatly done. Same goes for the voice actors, they are mostly really really good, at times they too can seem a but awkward but as I've come to expect from Ninja Theory, they mostly deliver greatly.

Okay, now we got that shit out of the way, how about the things that matter? The gameplay, how is the fighting, the jumping and the puzzle-solving. As far as puzzle-solving goes, theres not much at all actually, some but not much. And I don't like that there is close to no backtracking. There's new surroundings all the time, which is nice, but they never become special. These is the thing I am most disapointed about, the puzzle-bit more than the other, but then again, I had a lot of fun without it. The fights are amazingly done, you have full control; if you die, it's your fault, and nobody elses. And I love that feeling, when you die and you feel it's your fault, and when you, as a conequense, win and you know it's your win. And there's a lot to do with the system. For you who were afraid that the moves could not be stoped and changed into another move smoothly, this is as smooth as it gets, both in executing your moves and switching weapons in mid fight. It works like this, you have four main weapon types, the rebellion, witch is for normal attacks, fast and deadly, the heavy weapon, that is slow but all the more powerful, the light weapon which has a wide range but is fairly weak, and the ranged weapons. To use your sword you attack as usual, one button for regular attacks, one for ranged and one for lifts. To use heavy you hold RT (360 version) and then attack, and light you hold LT. Simple and takes only a fraction of a second. It's a joy to fight, never gets dull.

The paths in between fights are not bad either. The platforming is done fairly easy, you can jump and use the light weapon to swing and the heavy to pull objects towards you. It's simple, but is done in many variations, so you don't feel like you do the same jumps over and over again. The surroundig are the second best thing about the game (first is fighting!) and they are beautiful, to move around in and to look at. Especially the dream sequences that Dante has at times.

So what about the new style. I have to say, I don't mind. True it's not as cool as I had hoped but it's still really badass, a lot cooler than the look of the old dante which I still think is a litte out of date. I like the character, he is a douche for a reason, even though I would have liked it if they explored the change he goes through more. The other characters are good to, even though character developement is just for a chosen few. But your partners and the villain is really great. The music really builds to the atmosphere as well, and fits perfectly, some really great pieces in there as well.

Yeah, I really hope for a sequel, develope the characters more, get deeper into the story, maybe have some really clever turns. But in the end, most of what is good and bad can be argued about, if you don't like the look of the new Dante, you don't and that's fine, but I can't see how you could dislike the game for what it is, with probably the best fighting system right now. For me, this is gold, and the bad parts aren't even so bad, just not as good as the other parts. I will say though that the game itself is not more than 8 hours long, so that is a bit short, but for me who likes to play these kind of games over and over again, I will spend a lot of time with this. Is it a great game, yes, yes it really really is, might not be the best when this year is over, but still it will be up there.


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