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onsdag 2 januari 2013

Final Fantasy XIII - The rant continues

I hate this game. You know, for a game that strives to be fluent and quick, most of the boss fights sure take a long time. I mean, I don't think I have ever had to play this long for one boss, and one try, in any of the Final Fantasy game. At least it didn't feel so long. The duration means that when you die at a boss, after a long and tedious battle (I'm talking at least 15 minutes) you don't have much drive to try again, but in my case, I kind of have to, because if I don't, I have to beat the first stage of the final boss again, and that too is a long and tedious battle. Did you know that the second form, not only has the ability to insta-murder one of your team members, preferly your leader resulting in game over, but when you get near the end of his life, he at times attack you with an attack that not only does as much damage as half your total health points, but it also casts deprotect and deshell, leaving you extreamly weak and easy to kill of. And this shouldn't bother me, I should just go out, fight some bad guys and level up some more, so I can beat him easier, that's logical, right? That's what you usually do in a JRPG, or most RPG's for that matter, when you can't beat a boss, you get stronger and kick his ass. Only THIS piece of rotten garbage of a game decides to put out a bullshit LEVEL BLOCK on my crystarium that they raise at certain points in the game. So guess what, I can't level up more right now, because all my characters are already at their best, which in turn means that I just have to keep trying and trying the same *insert foul word i swore I wouldn't use* strategy until it works. And since every attempt takes FIFTEEN MINUTES, I hope you understand my frustration! I will be sitting here for a good while! That in turn means I HATE THIS ABOMINATION OF A GAME!

And who can blame me? There is no good aspect of this game, that does not have an equally, or worse, flaw. And I can tolerate a lot, I mean I actually loved Final Fantasy XII, which I know not many fans did. But this piece of shit? Just take the crystarium for example. Here we have a system for leveling up, where you spend points to proceed to the next node which gives you either more HP/strength/magic or an ability. And since you don't really have a choice as to where you can go and only can proceed to the next node this was like something done automaticly in other games called leveling up! Now instead I have to guide my light and spend my points, witch takes me away from the game. But that is a minor complaint, because the fact that you can't develope your characters as you want to is a huge flaw. I really feel like none of the characters are special, I feel no need to play through the game with different characters because they're kind of the same anyway. Besides, you don't get to pick your team until the last part of the game anyway.

And don't think I'm done, when I've played through this game and managed to kill the boss, I will be back, I haven't even scratched the surface of the hardened cow manure that is Final Fantasy XIII.

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  1. Hmm, I don't get the hate for this game. Sure it has an awful lot of flaws like how linear it is but FFX was just as linear and despite the overworlds of many FF games it's just an illusions (although FFXIII is way way worse for this). I think it's an easy game to get burnt out on so I just played it in 2 hour sessions, anymore and I wouls have started hating the game as well. As for the Bosses, I had no trouble really with any of them. I think you are just using the wrong tactics. It's a very tactical battle system, one of the best in the series and probably the best thing about the game. As long as you are using it right and making sure to keep characters buffed which is very important then you should be ok.

    1. yeah, maybe I just don't get it, although I find myself using a lot of the same tactics as many writers of walkthroughs are using, and I still can't get through the last boss, it does way too much damage and often kills my characters instantly if my life ever drops below half and I'm not quick enough in the paradigm change. And as far as buffing up my characters goes, I can't, because of the "level roof". But I mean sure, if I'm going to be honest (witch honestly isn't as fun) I don't hate everything about the game, I'm playing it right? If it sucked too much I wouldn't bother with it. I'll try again, someday, when I have the strength and willpower.