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onsdag 2 januari 2013

Final Fantays XIII - Let the rant begin

I really hate this game. Despite my efforts, stupid luck is the only thing that matters in this game... I am at the final boss(es) and just to be clear, I am going to try and keep the SPOILERS to a minimum, but won't make any promises. Did I know when I went after the end boss that his second form has an attack that insta-KO's one of my characters? Nope, but I sure found out, and having no idea at all that it could be a good idea to equip some sort of ward against it, I died a lot. And this wouldn't even be a problem in my opinion, if I didn't get game over every time my leader dies. That is nothing but bad design, reducing the battles from somewhat strategic to mostly luck.

You see, the thing about the fighting system is that you are often more lucky than skillfull playing this game. I can go into battle with a hard boss and lose, go at him again, same strategy, and win. And I hate that feeling, because I feel no sense of responsibility. It's not my fault that I lost, and I don't feel that I had any hand in winning either.

And I don't want my victory to depend on what characters I'm using or my equipments special abilities. Why can't the characters be more alike, more flexible to evolve as I like them to? But I'm getting ahead of myself, because I'm not done ranting over this game, because it deserves every harsh word. So why do I even play it. Well, look at my top 100-list and see if you can spot a pattern, especially the top 10. What can I say, a fan's gotta do what a fan's gotta do.

Well, I'm going to bed, tomorrow's my birthday, hopefully I will get through this rotten piece of shit of a game then, and then the rant will continue.

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