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onsdag 19 oktober 2011

The top 100 games of all time 60-51

Oh, after this I'm done with half the games! Let's get going!

Sam and Max Hit the Road (LucasArts, PC, 1993)
You need only to watch the opening of this incredibly humour filled point-and-click graphic adventure game, to realize that you're in for a treat. The characters, the background, the script, everything is perfectly put together. I have never laughed so much to a game than I did playing Sam and Max. The solution to many of the problems are as clever as they are illogical. That is probably the only flaw with the game otherwise, since they're not very logical, or maybe they're logical in their own way, but it's hard often to see the solution at all some times. GameFAQs is my friend.

Devil May Cry (Team Little Devils, Playstation 2, 2001)
I love every single Devil May Cry-game made. All of them, I play them over and over again. It's weird, because they're not perfect. But they're entertaining, oh so entertaining. The first is the best, mostly because there aren't that many things different about them. Devil May Cry was revolutionary when it came, the others was not. Dante is probably the coolest character ever, and the introduction and story behind it all, as told in the first game, laid the groundwork for an epic mythology. It was just to dig in.

Animal Crossing (Nintendo EAD, GameCube, 2002)
This was as much of an impulse buy that I've ever done. I was in the midst of buying Metroid Prime 2 and had put away money for it. But after reading a review about Animal Crossing, I took those money and pre booked it at my nearest video-game store. This was worth it. I played the game for a month, a lot, but after that I started playing other games. But I still played Animal Crossing once every day, for almost three years. I had so much money, almost every museum piece, all furniture, all K.K. songs. It was a great time, just by writing this I have the urge to do it all again. Three more years. Who knows, maybe I will. It was like FarmVille, if FarmVille where meaningful. This felt meaningful.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (Nintendo EAD, Super Nintendo, 1995)
It's a Super Mario game that doesn't have Super Mario in the leading role. How crazy is that?! But nothing about this game was regular. Neither the gameplay nor the graphic style where like the previous games, it was, if possible, even cuter and cuddlier than before. And through mini-games, amazing stage design, great enemies and a story that included a lot of "aaaaw"s from my side, Yoshi's Island spell bounded me through the whole game.

Rayman (Ludimedia, Playstation, 1995)
Michel Ancel is one of the game designers I have the most respect for. First, he doesn't compromise. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will come out when he wants it, no sooner or later. Second, he made Rayman. If I said That Yoshi's Island was Cute and Cuddly, Rayman was as well, but in a much darker and fairytale kind of way. The story was at a child's level, but that didn't matter, it was still great, but basic. I mean, the villains name is Mr Dark, it's doesn't get any clearer than that. The characters are lovable, the game is challenging, and the level design is great and fun. Rayman means a lot for me, the first game I played in the Playstation, the first game I bought when I got a Playstation of my own. And for a character that have come this far, it's more than worth to check out how it all started. It was magical to say the least.

Final Fantasy V (Square, Super Nintendo, 1992)
Another Final Fantasy game, if you haven't figured it out yet, I really love Final Fantasy. The fifth instillation of the series was different in many ways. The story was darker, the characters had been reduced to only four, and the old job-system was brought back (not sexy back though...). The reduced number of character makes you feel and care for them even more, and there were times of caring, I can tell you that. The job-system is still one of the most addicting system of the series. It was revisited in Final Fantasy X-2 but not done nearly as well there. I do vote for Final Fantasy XV with a job-system. Anyways, Final Fantasy V was and still is a fantastic game, forgotten by some, but I didn't, and I'm glad I took the time to play it.

Secret of Mana (Square, Super Nintendo, 1993)
Released in 1993, Secret of Mana was actually the second game in the Seiken Densetsu-series, or the Mana-series, the series with the most confusing game order in the history of gaming (The first game was actually a Final Fantasy spin-off called Final Fantasy Adventures in Europe). Secret of Mana did something great, at that it combined the swordplay from Legend of Zelda, and the RPG-elements from Final Fantasy. With the possibility to play with two friends, Secret of Mana was not only an awesome game by yourself, it was a phenomenal game with friends, that at least I had a lot of fun with.

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (Ubisoft Montreal, Xbox 360, 2007)
Another guilty pleasure, I love Naruto. But I played this game long before I began watching the series. And it blew me away. It was fun, it was hard, it was fast and the characters were cool. The game kind of got me to watch the series which I now watch slave-like every week. I find it fun that there would take an American studio to do a game worthy of the series. If I should compare it, Rise of a Ninja is kind of what I hoped Assassins Creed would be, not repetitive and challenging. So even of you hate Naruto's guts, give the game a chance, it's a really fun experience.

Shadow Complex (Chair Entertainment, Xbox 360, 2009)
One of those little specks of gold found in the arcade jungle, Shadow Complex copied freely from Super Metroid, but put a whole other skin on it. With lot of innovative gadgets, this game is a really great game, more grounded in realism (just a tad) and over all a great experience for anyone. The story is good, but secondary, the greatness of the game comes from exploring and gameplay. Shameless copy or genuine tribute, this is great either way.

Mega Man Legends 2 (Capcom, Playstation, 2000)
This was a long time ago, I realize now. I played it shortly after it's release and have yet to play it again afterwards. But that one time was enough. It's one of those games you forgot that you have played and just needs to get your hands on after that. I really need to get my hands on this one. The music and the environments, they added to an amazing atmosphere. The gameplay was great, the construction of weapons was done well. It was over all a game I wont forget again, thinking of it makes me all nostalgic, and I like nostalgia, it's underrated.

Half done, half to go!

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