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torsdag 6 oktober 2011

The top 100 games of all time 90-81

Welcome to the second part of my countdown for the top 100 games of all time, according to, yours truly. I will not delay any further, here are the games on places 90 to 81.

90. Guitar Hero II (Harmonix, Playstation 2, 2006)
Few games have drawn so many new people to accept gaming as the Guitar Hero franchise. And, of course, I got hooked as well. And who could blame me? It have always been my dream to be a rock star, and with guitar hero, not only did I get to feel like a rock star for a while, I actually trained my fingers to be better on a real guitar. I can say that without Guitar Hero, I would not have been as good with the guitar as I am today. And of course, the game itself is so much fun, whether you're playing against yourself or against a friend. The hunt for the perfect game, to take on the challenge of getting five stars on every song on expert. This was truly a game for the casual gamer as well as the hardcore gamer. And Guitar Hero II is the high point, more for the hardcore than the casual, we like that. And let's face it, Guitar Hero became less hardcore after Harmonix departure (not counting Through the Fire and the Flames). Only once was it topped, and then it was by themselves.

89. Super Mario Kart (Nintendo EAD, Super Nintendo, 1992)
Late nights with Mario Kart 64, fun with the friends with Double Dash or innovating controllers with Mario Kart Wii, none will come even close to the pure joy and satisfaction of driving and setting new high-scores on the first game. And I still come back to it when I feel like doing some Kart-driving, rather than the others. I don't know why I find it funnier than the others. Maybe it's because it's more about skill, and not so much (even though a little) about what weapons you get from the boxes. This is the master, and I see no way that it will change. I still like the new ones, but they're just not as good as the original.

88. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Ubisoft Montreal, Playstation 2, 2005
Today we talk about God of War as the great action game of today, but there was a game long before that, that gave us similar action and daring platforming. The Two Thrones are the finishing chapter in the Sands of Time-trilogy and mixes action with sneaky assassin moves. Everything melted in perfectly, at times it was hard, often you might not succeed if you attacked the enemies directly. The story was great, and it made me want to climb a lot. I quickly put that idea aside, when I realized, I can't climb. Many may have done it better in the years that have past, but The Two Thrones did it first.

87. ActRaiser (Quintet, Super Nintendo, 1990)
ActRaiser was another of those games that you find, looking around in the list of games you have for your SNES Emulator. When I first started it up, I did not know that I would find a treasure as good as this one. Part side scrolling action game, part strategy game, a mix that fitted perfectly. As most of the games from this era, the action parts was was hard, although the strategy parts could be a bit easy. But as a whole, It was a welcomed pause from the hectic action. None have combined the genres as good as this, it's a SNES treasure that many might not know about. But it's definitely worth checking out.

86. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Creative Department, Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985)
Yeah, I'm not going to forget this one. Not my first game played, but certainly the one I remember playing the most. You've all played it, and I played it whenever I got the chance when I was 8 and we bought an old NES. I know full well that my friends sat with their Playstations by this time, but I didn't care, for me, it was only Mario and 8 worlds of awesomeness. By today's standards, it's not the best game, but right then and there, I changed my little soccer-heart and turned it nerdy.

85. Super Probotector: Alien Rebels (Konami, Super Nintendo, 1992)
The third installation of Contra, neatly named Super Probotector in Europe, was hard. And I've said that about a lot of games here, I realize, but none are as hard as this one. And it was cool, bad ass in the first form I ever encountered, made me jump right out of my mothers clothes and put on a headband and shoot at my neighbours cat with my invisible gun. When I, after oh so many tries (ever figure out that you had so much better patience when you where little) did beat the game, I was on top of the world. None could challenge me, I was the king.

84. Super Turrican (Factor 5, Super Nintendo, 1993)
This one was very similar to the Super Probotector, in many ways. It was just as fun and had a cool look to it. Sure, it didn't look or sounded as bad ass as Probotector, but it was a lot of fun anyway. The reason I think Turrican is a but better is because it a little more available. I really liked the difficulty of Probotector, but it makes it a little hard to sit and play for long (as I said, better patience as a kid). With Turrican, it's pretty easy to just pick up and start playing. I, for one, was disappointed that the sequel/spin-off Thornado didn't happen. But I can rejoice in the fact that this game was made, and that I got to play it.

83. Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call (Atlus, Playstation 2, 2003)
Named Nocturne in the US, Lucifer's Call was a twisted and dark JRPG saga that changed everything I though I knew about JRPG and it was welcomed. It was a game that was adult, as a 14 year old teenager, I found the game almost a little forbidden, should I really be playing this game? I will never forget Lucifer's Call, it did make me long for darker stories that didn't always end happily ever after, but was horrible stories that ended happy with a bitter after-taste. If you're a JRPG fan and have missed this, it's well worth checking out.

82. Resident Evil 5 (Capcom, Xbox 360, 2009)
Resident Evil has always stood for a great and scary game. Well this game gets the first part right anyway. Despite not being even remotely scary, Resident Evil 5 gives us a great co-op game that at least me and my friends had a lot of fun with. And it's one of the few games that I actually played through not once or twice, but five times. I wanted to do everything. And I'm not sad I did, this is a game that, although disappointingly non-scary, I had a lot of fun with. And it made co-op, almost a must in any game.

81. DeathSpank (Hothead Games, Xbox Arcade, 2010)
It's just a regular hack'n'slash done well, except for one thing. It's not. It's done well, but regular, I think not. The thing that is so well done is that it basically a parody on the hack'n'slash genre. The humour is so well done. There is the humour that is just visual, like killer chickens, re spawning in outhouses and magical unicorn rainbow poop. And then there is the dialogue, so well written and so funny. The main character brings on memories of The Tick, the old series about a well-meaning but stupid superhero. I can just hear him screaming "Eat my justice!" This is a must have game for anyone with a love for hack'n'slash or parodies. Spoon!

Stay updated for places 80-71

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