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söndag 16 oktober 2011

The top 100 games of all time 80-71

Let's do twenty places today! I haven't been updating much so it's only fair. I'll at least try to do two updates today. No further to say, let's dive right into the next ones!

Fable II (Lionhead Studios, Xbox 360, 2008)
Fable II promised what Fable had promised before it. But Fable II never lived up to the hype either. But we never thought it would. What made Fable II in my opinion, better than it's predecessor is the atmosphere. Even the story isn't that good, it's actually quite silly and weird at times. At times it's great too, but the first is still better. But the world itself is better, the dry British humour mixed up with an almost cozy fantasy world. The famous British actors does an incredible job to bring it all to life. Therefore I think the second is better than the first, but they're both awesome games.

Kingdom Hearts II (Square Enix Product Development Division 1, Playstation 2, 2005)
The attraction of Kingdom Hearts, for me, is quite easy to see. I love Final Fantasy, I love Disney, therefore, I love Kingdom Hearts. and the second perfected the game. Yeah, you could complain about the quite easy difficulty, even on hard, or the fact that it at times gets a bit monotone, but I really fell in love with the game. And not just the Final Disney Fantasy part of the game. The own mythology is interesting as well. It's a game that shouldn't be missed. If not for anything else, than to see Donald Duck kick some ass.

Final Fantasy IV (Square, Super Nintendo, 1991)
Every Final Fantasy I've played have made an impact on me. Therefore, this is not, as you might have guessed, the last on the list. Well, it's the one that comes in last but, you know what I mean. I played FF IV long after discovering the series, but the big difference about the games are the story. What I like about this one is the variety of characters, and the fact that you find out quite early that there is no telling who'll survive or not. It's kind of the gaming version of A Song of Ice and Fire if you may. It turns not only once or twice. At the end you don't know what's going to happen. Great story as always from Final Fantasy.

Grand Theft Auto 2 (DMA Designs, Playstation, 1999)
Probably the first encounter with what I in my childhood referred to as 'games my mother wouldn't let me play'. And it was fun. running over people and get hunted by the police. And none can say that it's wasn't satisfactory to roam the city with a tank. But I did get tired of it from time to time. That's when I found that my favourite thing to do in the game wasn't the pointless killing of people, but the missions. They were a bit more challenging that the other. I had a lot of fun with it and seeing how the series have grown, then it's quite an amazing little game. And of course, we learned a very valuable lesson never to trust taxi drivers...

Rock Band 2 (Harmonix, Xbox 360, 2008)
The fact that Harmonix leaves the Guitar Hero franchise to make an even better game is just a blessing. They have always been better than Guitar Hero since. And as usual, they perfected the game in it's second instalment. It is really quite amazing, I find songs appearing in both Guitar Hero 4 and Rock Band 2, and they're so much more fun to play in Rock Band 2. And there it is, the fact that Harmonix are musicians that want to make a game is clear, as oppose to gamers wanting to make music. And this is the ultimate musical experience.

World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment, PC, 2004)
No, I don't play WoW regularly. I've never even played it much. I played it for ten days as a trial. Did I think it was fun? Well, it's here isn't it? But not only for the fact that I found it quite fun to play, but for what it is. World of Warcraft is like Christianity, everyone has an opinion, none is neutral. If it's 'this is a great game', 'this game is dangerous for kids' or 'screw you man, I can quit anytime I want', it's an opinion. The impact that WoW has on the gaming world is bigger than any game. And it revolutionized a genre that was almost non-existent at the time. I might not play it regulary, but when my friends say 'I need to be home by 8, I have a raid' I know that it's something big. I experienced ten days of big, that was enough for me to confirm it.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert (Westwood Studios, Playstation, 1996)
My first look into the strategy-scene was Red Alert, an amazing little game. I was not one much for the story, but just played. And it's a well balanced RTS-game and a lot of fun too. But that's not where its greatness is. The greatness of Red Alert is spelled Frank Klepacki. He composed the bad ass soundtrack, making you feel every step of the soldiers, as you march your way to victory. Hell March is a song everybody knows about. Epic is just a small portion of it. Beware Americans, here comes the Soviet Union!

Spider-man (Neversoft, Playstation, 2000)
Another game I thank the demos for playing, Spider-Man was everything that a Spider-Man fan could ever want. Including not only almost every Spider-Man villain but guest appearances from the fantastic four and many more. The story was great too, and the gameplay was fun. it is exactly what you expect, pure Spider-Man fan service straight through. If you have ever liked Spider-Man, this is the game to play.

Pikmin (Nintendo EAD, Gamecube, 2001)
Continuing the countdown for 'games that people that didn't own a Gamecube missed', Pikmin was an adorable little puzzle-game that made you make a choice. Would you sacrifice these little creatures, so willing to help you in your quest to restore your ship, or will you save them. The fact is, we all sacrificed some pikmin, and it hurt every time. For me at least. Without saying an understandable word, I formed a bond with the pikmin, willing to go to their death for me.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo EAD, Nintendo DS, 2007)
The Legend of Zelda, great games, works perfectly on the DS as well. Not my first meeting with the green clothed hero, but my latest actually. It made me remember all those vacations when I sat with a GameBoy Color and played Oracle of seasons/ages or Link's Awakening. The series have not changed much since Ocarina of time, that is true, but I don't care. Once again I had a vacation where I didn't need to bath, I just sat under a parasol and played The Legend of Zelda. again. The memories.

Stay tuned for 70-61 later today

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